Workplace Wellness Program

A business of any size should have some kind of workplace wellness program for it's employees no matter if you have five of five hundred there should be a program to help promote healthy lifestyles.workplace Wellness not only covers the physical health of your employees but also the mental health. Each year more people are forced to take sick days for an illness that may have been preventable. There are many ways to promote wellness in the workplace.

Workplace Wellness Physical Health

A great way to promote physical health in the office is to have a gym built in. This will allow employees to workout before or after the work day. If you do not have the room for a gym in your building talk to a local gym owner about giving a discount membership to all of your employees. A gym workout is not only a great way to stay in shape it also helps to relieve stress. Another great idea is to promote healthy eating. Instead of filling the vending machines up with candy bars and potato chips try adding a few healthy options like granola bars or dried fruits. This are much better for you but are also a little sweet which will help curve appetites. If you allow employees to smoke while at the office try making a designated smoking area and make it accessible only by climbing a stairwell some other obstacle such as a hill. This way they are forced to exercise in order to smoke and are also cut off from the people that do not smoke. There are so many different ways to get people thinking about workplace wellness. You can start an annual employee picnic where everyone is encouraged to bring their families for a day of good food and fun activities. You could serve grilled chicken and grilled vegetables as an alternative to burgers and chips. Have activities such as potato sack races,three legged races or even a kickball tournament. Any physical activity you and your employees feel comfortable doing. If there are other companies in the area you could talk to them about workplace wellness and possible start a softball league where each company plays against another. This is a great way to get even more people involved and aware of their physical wellness.

Workplace Wellness Mental Health

The mental health of a person is just as important as physical health. A lot of jobs can be very stressful and could have negative effects on a persons mental wellness. A great way to promote mental workplace wellness would be to employee a psychologist that is there to help anyone who is feeling stressed,depressed or even overwhelmed at work. Physical and mental health are closely related if a person is feeling good physically there is a good chance they will perform better mentally. Yoga is a great example of physical and mental wellness. It helps to relax the mind as well as the body. You could have a yoga instructor stop by once a week and teach any one that whats to do it. Stress and depression have been linked to several illnesses which could cause a person to miss work for numerous days. It is best not only for your business but for your employees to ensure that everyone is in a good mental state. Have weekly meetings and ask if there is anything bothering people. Is there a something that is making them overly stresses? Can you do anything to fix the situation? Just knowing that you are there if they are having a trouble with a problem will make all of your employees feel better.

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