Noise Hazards In The Workplace

Noise in the workplace may not seem like a big issue but excessive exposure to any noise for a long period of time can cause irreversible damage to your ears. Noise can come from equipment or people that are working around you. A great way to know if the area you are working in is to note if people are talking to each in a normal tone or if they have to yell so the other person can hear them. If they are yelling it is a good indication that you should be wearing ear protection. Another way to tell if your work environment is to loud is if your ears are ringing after you have left work and if it takes a little while for you to hear clearly again.

Noise Hazards Ear Protection

The absolute best way to avoid damage to your ears is to not work in loud places. Unfortunately some people can not avoid noise where they are working. If you must work in a loud area be sure to take all the proper precautions to protect your hearing. All areas where there is excessive noise should be clearly marked with signs that state hearing safety equipment is required. This is the best way to be sure everyone is aware of the risk and is taking the proper safety steps before entering the area. Protective gear should be available to all employees and they should be trained on how use them properly. If safety equipment is used incorrectly you could end up damaging your ears as if you weren't using an protective gear.

In areas where the noise level is slightly elevated an pair of foam ear plugs should be fine. They can be rolled to fit in your ear and than they expand to fit the entire ear. If you use them everyday a doctor and make reusable ear plugs that are fitted to your ear and can only be used be you. You can also purchase noise canceling headsets which a re large headsets that look very similar to earmuffs. Many professions such as air traffic controllers use this type of ear protection. It is great for high noise areas.

Noise Hazard in the workplace cannot be avoided for some people. If you have to work in a loud place be sure to have your hearing checked annually. If you have you hearing checked on a regular basis the doctor will be able to see any damage before it becomes irreparable. Hearing loss is very common in factories and most people don't even realize it is work related. You hear people all the time saying I most be getting old my hearing isn't as good as it use to be. This isn't always true a lot of older people have great hearing because they took care of their ears when they were younger. Remember losing your hearing is not something that can be easily fixed. If the damage to your ears is to much it could result in permanent hearing loss.

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