Ethics In The Workplace

Having ethics means that you are willing to make the right choice for the better good rather than self gain. It means you choose not to lie,steal or cheat in your daily life. Many people have believed for years that ethics don't belong in the workplace well that is simple untrue. You can still get ahead in work and your everyday life with a little kindness and common sense. There is no need to be greedy, hateful, and rude to the people you work with even though most workplaces feel like a race to the top it is actually better for all the people involved if good ethics are encouraged in the workplace.

Determining Ethics In The Workplace

Many people in today's world lack an ethic code. To them doing whatever it takes to get ahead and come out on top can be justified. One good question to ask your self when deciding if something is ethically correct is this an legal act? Could legal actions be taken against me for doing this? If so than you probably should forget about it. Another thing to think about is how will you feel about this later? Will you be happy with this decision and it's consequences? Are you hurting another person by doing it? If you said yes to any of these questions it may be the wrong move to make.

Establish A Code Of Ethics In the Workplace

This can be done by having company meetings were you explain to your employees exactly what type of conduct is expected form each of them. You should also let them know what will not be tolerated and how you will reprimand anyone who crosses an ethical line while at work. This not only helps your employees at work but at home as well. A few topics you can cover at this meeting would be loyalty. This being loyal to the work you are performing and trying your best at all times. It also means not talking negatively about others you work with. This will also help to create a less hostile environment. Honesty is still the best policy just like your mother told you when you were a child. If you cannot or did not finish a task that was assigned to you be honest about it ask for help or let someone know you task load is becoming to heavy. Do not place the blame for your mistakes on others. There are many more ways to promote ethics in the workplace. Really it is all about finding a balance that works for you and everyone else and making sure everyone is comfortable and understands how the use of ethics will make it a happier and healthier place to work.

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