Workplace Violence Safety

Over the years workplace violence has begun happen more often in more offices than every before. It was once believed that violence was just physical altercations but recent studies have shown that mental violence should be taken just as seriously. Women are reporting more cases of stalking which under current laws are considered violence. Stalking can be anything from actually following the person to a large amount of phone or email interactions. Verbal threats of physical harm to a person or even their belongings is the most common type of workplace violence. As an employer it is your responsibility to promote workplace violence safety training to all of your employees. Workplace violence safety is a much an issue as equipment safety and should not be overlooked. There are several companies that will come to your office and perform a Workplace violence safety conference for all employees.

Workplace Violence Safety Act

The Workplace Violence Safety Act was passed in 1994 by the California Legislature. It states that any employer whose employees has suffered from or faces a credible threat of violence in the workplace may look for injunctive relief on behalf of that employee to stop the the violence or threats of violent acts.

You may be asking yourself what this all means and how this law helps to protect your employees. Well the workplace violence safety act allows an employer to file a temporary restraining order for any person working for them against a the perpetrator of violence be it another employee or outside source threatening them at the office. The order is only good for up to 15 days. While this act will not completely stop office violence it will help to reduce it. You should not depend solely on the Workplace violence safety act to keep everyone safe. You should be teaching and promoting working safely with others at all times possible.

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