Office Safety Awareness

What is Office Safety Awareness? How can I promote Office safety awareness where I work? This are easy question that you can find the answers to right here. Office safety awareness is making sure every person that works in the office knows and follows all safety rules that the company has made. You can have weekly or monthly staff meetings where you discuss different office safety issues. By having these meetings and allowing people to ask questions you will be raising the level of office safety awareness. A few topics that should be covered at any safety meeting are trips and slips,electrical safety, personal safety and equipment safety of course you can choose to cover what ever topics you feel are relevant to your workplace.

Another great way to raise safety awareness is to start a weekly safety newspaper that is distributed to all employees once a week. Monday is the best day to hand them out since this will give everyone a chance to use the new safety tips they have learned during that week. You could even assemble a safety team. Pick a few people that have done an exceptional job at working safely and have them check up on others and help them remember the best ways to work without injury. They can offer small rewards to employees that they find using the correct safety procedures or have them randomly quiz employees on safety topics and than reward them for correct answers.

Hang safety posters in common areas such as break room or meeting rooms. Employees will see and read the signs each time they pass by and will eventually memorize what is on the posters without even realize that they have learned something about workplace safety. This are just a few ideas on how to raise office safety awareness. Making the office a safe and happy workplace will benefit everyone.

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