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Welcome to our Scaffold Safety page, which is dedicated to scaffold safety games, quizzes, and puzzles! Here you can and will find a variety of fun ideas, and interactive resources created to help you learn the ropes of scaffold safety and reinforce important scaffold safety concepts and regulations. From word puzzles to amazing interactive quizzes, these safety games and activities are a factastic way to keep safety at the tippy top of mind while working on the contruction site or scaffold job. Whether be you a construction worker, a supervisor, or other type of safety professional, these excellent resources can and will help you stay up to date regarding the latest scaffolding safety best practices. So take a look around, have fun & remember to stay safe on the job!

Examples of Scaffold Safety Puzzles & Games

Provided below are some examples of varyious scaffold safety puzzles and scaffold safety games that are commonly used in the construction industry in an effort to educate workers on scaffold safety.

  1. "Scaffold Safety Challenge" - This is a board game which simulates the construction of a building. The players are required to follow safety procedures and regulations to assemble and complete the building safely.
  2. "Scaffold Safety Puzzle Set" - This is a 3D set of puzzles that depict different types of scaffolds, including their parts. The actual set includes instructions on how to assemble any scaffold, and associated safety information.
  3. "Scaffold Safety Matching Game" - A card game that contains pictures of scaffold parts on one side, and on the other side the name of each part is displayed. Players have to match the scaffold part pictures with the correct part name.
  4. "Scaffold Safety Quiz" - A multiple-choice quiz that tests the players knowledge of scaffold safety, including things like procedures, parts, regulations, types os scaffolds and releated equipment. Online version are available as well as those distributed in print.
    A short example quiz is provided at the bottom of this page.
  5. "Scaffold Safety Word Search" - A printable word search puzzle, which contains words and phrases related to genre of scaffold safety. Reinforce your scaffold safety vocabulary, as well as equipment and concepts, in a fun way!

Tips to Create Your Own Scaffold Safety Puzzle

Below I will provide you with some tips related to how you can create your very own scaffold safety puzzle.

  1. Start by creating a simple word search puzzle with words and phrases related to scaffold safety, such as "fall protection," "guardrails," "personal fall arrest systems," "scaffold inspection," and "OSHA regulations."
  2. Next, create a crossword puzzle with scaffold safety related clues and answers. For example, "A device worn by a worker to prevent falling (7 letters)" - Harness.
  3. You can also create a matching game where players have to match pictures of scaffold parts with their correct names or use.
  4. Another idea is a multiple-choice quiz where players have to identify the correct safety procedure or regulation related to scaffold use.
  5. You can also create a Jigsaw puzzle using a picture of a scaffold and its parts, and add labels and safety instructions on the pieces.

Let's keep in mind, that the ultimate goal of the created puzzle is to educate people and employees about scaffold safety. It also serves to make them aware of the importance of following the perfect safety procedures when working on any type of scaffolds.

Example Scaffold Safety Word Search, That We Created!

A simple scaffold safety word search game, created by

Here is yet another example of a word search puzzle we created in a downloadable and printable pdf format.

An Example of A Site Created Word Search Puzzle Game on Scaffolding Safety.

Want to Download it yourself? No problem!

A Crossword Puzzle About Scaffolds We Created!

As yet another example of just how easy it is to whip up some creative games, puzzles, and quizzes to entertain and teach scaffold safety: