Electrical Office Safety

A office worker being attacked by electric office wires everywhere

Electrical office safety is extremely important. Electrical currents can be deadly at high voltages. Even a small amount of electrical current can be damaging to our body. It can cause nerve damage or paralysis. While it is important to practice all safety habits at work electrical office safety is most important. Misusing electric could result in many accidents including fire. Electrical fires kill more than 700 people a year.There are hundreds of products aimed toward electrical safety.

Electrical Dangers in the Office - Safety Tips

Electric Safety Facts To Consider

Safety Equipment For An Office

Following all of the tips above and the proper use of safety equipment will greatly reduce the risk of electrical related injuries. The use of safety signs in high voltage areas can be a life saver. Many companies make warning signs they can say "Danger open electric wires" or "High Voltage Area Use Caution". Many can be customized to read whatever warning you prefer. Another great safety tool is a pair of electrical safety gloves. Electrical gloves are usually plastic and have special insulation to prevent the electrical current form running through them. There are also circuit testers and tracers to help determine how high the voltage is. You can also use clamp meters,oscilloscopes or phase meters.

Below is a short follow up list of ideas for the proper safety equipment you may or may not need to use in your office. Consider the types of electrical work that your company does and which are right for you:

There are always several options to consider when purchasing the proper office safety gear. I have attempted to outline way you can find the right gear while saving money and ensuring compliance with OSHA regulations:

Always double check that the equipment you are purchasing meets OSHA regulations. It can also be important to ensure that the seller is reputable. When in doubt, you can check OSHA website for list of approved safety equipment that would be appropriate for your needs.

Though a something as innocuous as a date may not seem important, often times OSHA list of approved safety equipment is based solely on a production date. As time moves forward, companies are required to use different manufacturing standards from one year to the next. So in an effort to maintain OSHA Safety Compliance in your office - Check The Dates!

Office First Aid Safety

Injured office workers with bruises, band-aids, and ice packs.

If an electrical accident should occur it is always good to be prepared. Make sure all employees now the proper way to handle an electrical situation. Most important is all employees should know CPR in case the person has stopped breathing. they should preform this until medical attention arrives or the person can breath on their own again. If the person is still touching the electrical device it would be dangerous to just grab them you may get shocked also. Try to turn off the power flow or grab them with your plastic electric safety gloves or a stationary object in the area. Just make sure you do not touch them skin to skin and draw the current into yourself. Once they are clear of danger and breathing own their own give them room to breath and have them lay still until medical attention arrives.

And just to end on a lighter note...An electrical office safety joke!
Why did the electrician bring a first aid kit to work? - He was worried about powerful injuries!

OSHA Electrical Safety Standards for an Office Environment
Short 5 Question Electrical Office Safety Quiz
  1. Q: What should you do if you smell gas in the office?
    • A: Immediately evacuate the building and call the gas company or emergency services.
  2. Q: How do you use an extension ford properly?
    • A: Extension cords should be used temporarily and not as a permanent solution, they should be kept away from high traffic areas, doorways and should not be placed under carpets,rugs, or furniture and should be maintained in good condition. Cords should always be unplugged when not in current use.
  3. Q: What is the maximum recommended time to continuously use of a computer safely?
    • A: Recommended time for use of a computer is approximately 2 hours on average at a maximum continuous usage.
  4. Q: How should you properly dispose of batteries?
    • A: Batteries should be disposed of properly. Batteries should not be thrown in the trash as they can create fire hazards. They should be taken to a recycling center or a location specifically designated for battery disposal.
  5. Q: What is the proper way to handle and store cleaning chemicals?
    • A: Cleaning chemicals should be stored in a cool and dry location. Always store cleaning chemicals away from heat sources. Cleaning chemical should always be used in direct accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. In all situations, proper personal protective equipment (PPE) should be worn when handling any and all chemicals.
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