An OSHA hot work permit is mandatory if you are working around flammable substance that could be ignited by a spark. The most common jobs that need an OSHA hot work permit are welding,brazing,soldering and even drilling in certain circumstances.

OSHA Hot Work Safety Gear

While doing hot work your are required to wear certain safety gear. This includes safety mask. Which are generally worn by wielders and solderers to protect the entire face from flames or flying metals. These mask often have colored eye goggles to protect the eyes from harmful rays. Another piece of safety gear is gloves. They should be thick heavy duty gloves. The gloves are used to protect your hands from flying metals and flames. Many hot workers also wear flame resistant jackets to protect their torso.

OSHA Hot Work Permit Rules

The area you are working in should be properly ventilated. If there are windows you should make sure they are open to allow air to move in and out of the room freely. There should also be an exhaust fan in the room to help remove any harmful vapors that could be present.

There should always be a fire extinguisher near encase of an accidental fire. Also a phone should be nearby so the proper authorities can be called if need. You should have a fully stocked first aid kit. All workers should be trained in basic first aid and fire safety.

The OHSA hot work permit requires that any person doing hot work must stay on the premises for at least a half hour after work is completed. This is done to insure the workers safety. The reason for this is a spark or smoldering piece of metal could have landed unnoticed on the person while working. It takes a while for the flame or smoke to become noticeable. If the worker leaves and does not notice the spark it could result in harm to them and other close by.

Any person doing hot work is required to have an OSHA hot work permit which can be obtained by completing a hot work training course. All workers must be trained in proper use of equipment as well as first aid.

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