What Is Osha?

In order to understand what is the purpose Of OSHA? You have to know what exactly what Osha means. It Stands for Occupational and Safety Health Administration. It was founded in 1970 as an agency for the United States Department of Labor.

What Is The Purpose Of OSHA?

OSHA's main mission is to prevent the occurrence of workplace illness,injury or death by regulating safety and health guidelines that all business must follow. Failure to follow the guidelines set up by OSHA will result in fines and possibly the closure of your business. If you feel like the environment at work is unsafe it is your duty to inform OSHA so that they can check and make sure all equipment and safety procedures are up to their standards.

OSHA has set standards for electric,fire,hazardous materials,personal protection,violence and so many more topics. If you are working almost anywhere in America there is a good chance that the rules you follow at work are OSHA guidelines. These guidelines have been set up to help promote safety in the workplace by encouraging employees to follow all safety precautions when working with everything form heavy machinery to hazardous chemicals. There provide all employers with the necessary tools to teach safety to their workers by giving them guidelines to follow. If there is an accident than OSHA is sent to find out what went wrong and determine if it was human error or a machine malfunction. Thousands of lives are saved each year by the people following OSHA regulations.

OSHA Standards fall into four categories they are Agriculture,Industry, Maritime and Construction. The Purpose that OSHA serves for each of these categories are different. There are different standards expected from a farm than from a construction site. For a Full list of OSHA guidelines it is probably best to visit their site and check them out for yourself.

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