Workplace Safety Ergonomics

You maybe asking yourself what exactly is workplace safety ergonomics and how is it useful to me? Well workplace safety ergonomics is the applied science of equipment design for the workplace which intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. Ergonomics is just another way to promote safety in the office. Proper posture and equipment may not seem important but sitting incorrectly can do serious damage to your spine also the incorrect use of a keyboard may cause carpal tunnel syndrome.There are many factors in office ergonomics a few of them are repetition of tasks,strength the task requires and movement that is made while performing each task.

Ways to use Workplace Safety Ergonomics

Sitting properly is the most important thing you can do while at your office desk. Make sure the chair you use is sturdy and supports your back. It is also important not to slouch down or bend toward the the desk while working. You should keep your shoulders level and back straight in order to prevent a pinched nerve or numerous back problems related to poor posture. Another important safety tip is to keep your wrist level with the rest of your arm while you are typing or writing at your desk. Bending the wrist the wrong way to frequently may result in poor circulation or even carpal tunnel syndrome. While carpal tunnel can usually be fixed with surgery it is costly and will require you take take time off from work while you recover. One more safety issue that is very often overlooked is the monitor of your computer. It may not seem like it could cause injury but studies have shown that staring at the screen of a computer for an extended amount of time can cause damage to the eyes. The best way to avoid this is to take short break from staring at the screen. You should also have the monitor facing away from any windows or lights to reduce the glare on the screen which causes you to strain more while using it.

Workplace Safety Ergonomic Exercise Tips

There are plenty of workplace safety ergonomics exercises that can be preformed right at your desk while you work. You can do stretches to keep all the muscles in your body from becoming tense. Try rolling your head from side to side this will help relax your neck and release any tension you may have. Shrugging your shoulders may not sound like it helps but it also keeps the muscles from becoming tight and helps in relaxation. Keep your legs from falling asleep by stretching and moving them in a circular motion to get the blood flowing. You should do the same with all body parts frequently move and bend them to prevent stiffness.

You should also be sure to exercise your eyes. This can be done by simple closing them for about 15 seconds and breathing to relax. Another easy way to protect your eyes is to frequently look away from the screen. Look up at the ceiling than down to the floor and than side to side. Be sure to do this slowly so you don't make your self fell sick form the movement. One last tip is to try putting your finger in front of your face than pulling it away while focusing on it. Above all remember if your eyes start to hurt just stop what you are doing and relax. Nothing at work is worth risking your eyesight over. It will all still be there after you take a break.

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