Workplace Bullying - What, Why, And How To Stop It!

Each year more and more people are filing reports against other employees citing workplace bullying as the reason for their problem. Thousands of people are being bullied at work. Some might not even realize that the other persons actions are a form of workplace bullying. While others are afraid to say anything because they don't want management to see them as weak for allowing a co-worker to bully them. Have no fear there are several ways you can stop work place bullying but first you need to know what exactly is considered bullying in the workplace.

What Is Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying is defined as repeated hostility such as verbal abuse, physical abuse, sabotage, intimidating speech, overly aggressive behavior, and social ostracism. One or several of these acts repeated by a person or a group of people towards a single employee in an attempt to intimidate that person which could create risk to that person's safety or health. Health can be defined as mental as well as physical.

Examples Of Workplace Bullying

How To Prevent Workplace bullying

Since there are several forms of workplace bullying there are also several ways to stop bullying in the workplace or to prevent it from ever beginning. No employee should have to put up with bullying. It creates a hostile environment and can be counter productive to a safe and effective business.

These are just a few tips on how to prevent and stop workplace bullying. It is up to every one to help prevent workplace bullying. You should talk about bullying in the workplace at one of your safety meetings. It might not seem like it but bullying is a safety issue that should be dealt with. All Employees should know there are consequences for workplace bullying.

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