Office safety Tips

A safe work envirnoment is by far one of the biggest concerns for employers as well as employees. Everyone should work together to ensure an injury free workplace. Getting hurt on the job not only effects you it also has an effect on your co-workers and employer. If you are forced to take time off due to an injury it places a larger work load on others that have to make up for your missed time. It may also result in fines and penalties for the company. It is everyone's job to follow office safety. There are lots little things you can do to be safe.

Trips and falls are two of the biggest workplace injuries. They can result in a multitude of injuries such as sprained muscles,back injures and of course broken bones. Preventing these types of injuries is an easy task. By following a few simple safety tips it should reduce unnecessary accidents.

Office Safety-Lifting

Another big problem is picking up or reaching for items incorrectly. This can cause serious back injuries to occur.If the package should hit your head it could seriously injure your spine and even cause brain damage. There are plenty of tips on how to move large or heavy objects correctly. If you think a box maybe to heavy for you to lift alone don't even try find a person to help you. Most accident that happen could have easily been avoided if the person had taken the time to look at the situation and find the best solution.

Office Safety-Hazardous Materials

Many jobs require working with chemicals or other hazardous materials. It is this kind of environment where safety absolutely must be your top priority. A chemical burn could possible kill you depending on the type and strength. While most places that work with hazardous materials have strict guidelines it is still a good idea to follow a few basic safety tips.

No matter how safe you may think your office maybe the truth is accidents happen everywhere all the time. It is a good idea to be ready just in case. There should be an exit plan in case of fires clearly posted in various spots around the office. All employees should be required to know the evacuation route. You can ensure this by having monthly fire drills. First Aid kits should also be placed in bathrooms or areas where injuries are mostly likely to occur. It may not be a bad idea to have everyone take a class and learn CPR or the Heimlich maneuver. Knowing how to do this could save a life if someone should start choking or having trouble breathing. Make sure all emergency numbers are posted in a high traffic area where all employees will be able to read them. The list should included local police,hospitals,fire department and the poison control center. Depending on the workplace you may even need the number for Hazardous material pickup. Be sure to know what numbers are necessary and have them written or typed clearly and visible.

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