Demolition Safety Guidelines

Construction sites can be hazardous work areas especially while a demolition is occurring. It is very important for anyone working at a demolition site to follow demolition safety guidelines. When a building is demolished it is completely torn down in order to clear the area for a new building. Demolitions are so dangerous because of the many safety hazards that lurk in the area. You are vulnerable to trips,falls,respiratory problems,head injuries and many more. It is imperative that all demolition safety guidelines are followed. This will keep all workers safe from harm on the job site.

Demolition Safety Gear

While demolition safety guidelines are specifically about the job of demolition you should also be using the same safe thinking that is expected of you at any construction site. The most important part of keeping yourself free of harm is wearing the proper personal protective gear. Just like any other construction job it is necessary to protect your body from certain dangers while doing a demolition.

Safety Tips For The Demolition Site

Practice using demolition safety tips at work to help you and those working around you thinking about safety. It is the best way to get everyone home to there families at the end of the day without any injuries or accidents. These tips will help you remember the most important facts about demolition safety guidelines.

  1. Always wear your protective safety gear when entering a demolition zone.
  2. There should be signs and warning posters to let others know of the dangers that exist in the area.
  3. All workers should have walkie talkies or cell phones. This will make it easy for everyone to communicate about what is going on during the day. They are also extremely helpful in emergency situations.
  4. Make sure all utilities such as water,gas and electric are turned off before you begin the demolition.
  5. If workers must enter a building before demolition it is necessary to put braces or shores on all walls that are weakened or damaged to prevent them from falling while there are people inside.
  6. Clearly mark the demolition site with signs and barriers warning people to stay a safe distance from the building.
  7. Always make sure the building is completely empty of people before you begins demolishing it.

Dangers Of Demolitions

A demolition site can be a dangerous place there are accidents that could happen at anytime without warning. If the building is falling apart a wall could collapse under the weight of the building. A collapsed area could cause a ripple effect and cause a massive cave in. These could cause someone to be crushed or possible suffocate under the rubble that has fallen. There is also a serious chance of falling floors and other objects that is why safety gear is so important when working in a building that is being demolished. If you feel your personal safety is at risk by entering a building you can simply tell your boss. They should understand your fears and not penalize you for being concerned about your well being.

Never take a risk or do something you are not completely comfortable with.

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