Safety Goggles

The eyes you have now are the only the only pair you will every have so it is important to take care of them. A great way to protect your eyes from all kinds of dangers is to wear safety goggles at any time you are working with or near hazardous materials. There are several different types of safety goggles and each one has a specific use. When you are working in an area where safety goggles make sure you are wearing the correct pair. They are specifically designed for certain jobs and a pair of splash goggles will most likely not stop a sharp object from reaching and damaging your eyes.

Types Of Workplace Safety Goggles

Chemical splash safety goggles are most commonly used in labs and other places where harmful chemicals are used. They are usually made of a light plastic and are completely see through so that you can look ahead of you as well as to the side if needed. Since chemical splash safety goggles are so light weight it is best that they only be used in places where there is no danger of flying objects.

Clipper safety goggles which are often referred to as logger goggles are also made of a clear plastic much like chemical goggles but it is a much sturdier solid plastic. Clipper goggles are general small in size and protect only the eyes. A few companies incorporate a small mesh lens in between two plastic lenses for added protection. The mesh wire helps to catch any small wood particles that accidentally break through the lenses.

Laser safety goggles while still made of plastic like other types of goggles are complete different. They are used in areas where lasers and other harmful lights could cause irreversible eye damage. many laser can burn the retina causing a person to completely lose all sight in their eye. As of right now there is no known way to replace a damaged retina successfully. There are several colors of lenses for laser goggles each color helps filter the damage of certain laser rays. It is important to make sure you have bought the proper color lenses in order to prevent injury.

Welding safety goggles are most used by metal workers,electricians and an other job where melting metal is needed. Welding safety glasses are usually a very hard and thick plastic that is tinted black or even blue. They are tinted in order to block the harmful UV rays that a welding torch produces. If you were to look at a welders flame with out these goggle it would cause permanent damage to your vision. They are built a little sturdier than most goggles to help reduce injury if hot metal should splash up while working.

Safety Goggle Tips

Inspect all goggles before wearing them. If there is any fraying or tearing on the safety band it should be replaced immediately with a new one. Check the actually goggle surface for cracks or deep scratches if you find any they should be thrown away and replaced with new goggles.

Make sure the goggles fit properly. If the band can be adjusted on them it should be tight enough so that they are snug against your face. If they are to loose they can slip or fall of and than they are useless.

Always you the appropriate goggles for the job. If you are working in a lab you shouldn't wear welding goggles and vice versa. Failing to wear the right goggles could cost you the use of your eyes forever.

Hopefully these tips will help you always think goggle safety and you'll be able to see the world for a very long time.

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