OSHA First Aid Regulations

OSHA sets the standards to which all companies must strive for the many goal of OSHA is safety in the workplace. OSHA first aid regulations are a large part of what this agency expects form all businesses. What Exactly are OSHA's first aid guidelines? That are the standard to which all employees are held to when it comes to working safely and preventing injury.

OSHA First Aid Training

Every employer should train their employees in basic first aid. It is important for everyone that they all know how to react in an emergency situation. The list of OSHA first aid training regulations is extremely long and includes burns,broken bones, poisoning, airborne disease,infectious disease,head injury,stroke,CPR,Electric shock,drowning,gas spills,chemical burns and so much more. You can have an OSHA certified trainer come in and teach a training class to all of your employees. After each of them has passed the course they will receive a First-Aid at work certificate which is good for up to three years after that they must take the class again and become re-certified. If there is no hospital in the area you must have at least one employee that has taken and passed the OSHA first aid training course.

OSHA First Aid Kit Regulations

It is extremely important to have at least one first aid kit in the office or at a construction area. OSHA's first aid regulations state that there must be certain items in every first aid kit.

You Must have a Bloodborne Pathogen kit encase of chemical or airborne illness. It also should have a CPR pack which will aid anybody that needs to perform CPR on another person. In the bloodborne kit you should have at least on disposable gown with sleeves this can be used if chemicals are spilled on a persons clothes. Ten gallon biohazard bags that can be used to clean up any spills. Disposable towels for cleanups. Plastic gloves, face mask, eye shield all of which can be used when handling hazardous materials. The CPR kit must include at least one CPR one-way face shield.

The regular first aid kit will need to have basics such as bandages,splints,gauze,antiseptics,and alcohol pads. You will also need to have a cold compress for head injuries or other swollen limbs. Tweezers to help remove any small object that may be stuck in the skin or to remove a tick safely. Use plastic gloves when ever you are helping someone that is the only way to be sure a blood related virus does not come in contact with your skin. An eye wash kit should be available for any person that gets a foreign object in their eye while working. They should begin to flush the eye while waiting for medical help. There should be at least one tub of burn cream or spray to help stop the pain. If the burn is serious the injured person should receive real medical attention as soon as possible. Aspirin tablets should also be available in the first aid kit.

The first aid kits above are standard OSHA first aid regulation kits. Each work environment requires a slightly different kit since each job has different injury possibilities. Check with your local OSHA representative to get a full list of the items you should have in your first aid kits.

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