communication In The Workplace

Communicating with others is a large part of any day especially at work. It is important to have the proper communication skills in order to get along with people in the office. There are several forms of communication that are used daily in every workplace. They include verbal,fax,email or just a regular paper letter. When sending an email be sure that it is addressed to the correct recipient. Use correct spelling of all words, using slang and abbreviations makes it you appear young and unprepared for the real world. Always use spell check,misspelling a word looks sloppy and gives the appearance that you just don't care. Never send gossip to a co-worker especially if it is about a different co-worker. This will always back fire and get you in trouble eventually. When you are talking to a person face to face be sure to look at them. This will let them know you are confident and they will listen and respect what you have to say. Just like emails gossip is just best avoid at all time during work nobody wants to be known as a gossiper they can't be trusted. These are just a few helpful ways to keep communication in the workplace friendly and professional.

Tips On Successful Communication In The Workplace

  • Your mother raised you with manner so use them. If someone helps you with a project or holds the door open say "Thank You". If you need to borrow a pen try asking nicely maybe even say "please". Good manners will take you along way.
  • Speak clearly.Don't use slang words or speak to fast. Make sure the person you are speaking with has heard and understands what you have said to them.
  • Remember that body language is important. Nobody is going to try and communicate with a person that has their arms crossed over their chest while giving everyone a nasty look. Be open and friendly try to keep your arms at your side this will make you appear opened and welcoming.
  • Listen to what others are saying to you. don't just stand there and stare back at them. Respond to something they said or ask a question. It let's them know you are truly listening to what they are saying.
  • Miscommunications can often be solved by talking to the person. Let them know what you or they misunderstood and try to resolve the issue with a polite conversation.
  • Don't gossip at all during work even about people that don't work with you. It makes people feel like you can't keep a confidence and also wonder if you are saying the same thing about them when they walk away. Try not to associate with known gossipers. You might not gossip but will certainly become guilty by association.
  • Avoid talking about Religion,Politics or Race. You never know what might offend someone else. It is better to leave your views and thoughts on these subjects at home where they belong.

If you keeps these helpful tips in mind and use a little common sense around the office you should become a great communicator in no time. Communication in the workplace is key to a productive environment. If your not sure that what you say could be taken the wrong way it's probably best not to say it. Remember your manners they will help you get to the top.

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