Earthquake Safety In The Office

Every year thousands of people receive injuries as a result of earthquakes. It is important to teach earthquake safety in the office to all employees. The best way to be prepared for a disaster is to have knowledge about what needs to be done if one should occur. A good way to keep everyone calm and collected during a natural disaster would be to start up a relief team. This is a few people that have been trained not only in earthquake safety but first aid and group communication as well. They will be able to help others when needed and lead people that may be frightened. It is always a good idea to have an evacuation plan that the entire office knows.

Earthquake Safety In The Office Tips

You cannot prevent an earthquake from occurring but you can do your best to be prepared if one does happen while you are at work. There are several ways to make the office a safer place during an earthquake. A few minutes of earthquake safety in the office preparation could actually save the lives of the people working in the building with you.

Earthquake Safety In The office Hazards

Here is a list of potentially hazardous items during an earthquake. The best way to promote earthquake safety in the office is to have a team of employees that are designated safety monitors check for all hazardous items.

All of these items should be reinforced to make sure they are properly secured and will not fall during the earthquake. All Electrical office equipment can be held to the desk safely by placing double sided Velcro stripes on them and the table they are placed on. This will help to keep them from flying off the desk and causing injury.

If you work in an area that has high natural disaster potential than it is very important that all employees are properly trained in earthquake safety in the office. Teaching people how to prepare for an earthquake and how to react when one is occurring is the best why to prevent injuries and save lives. Earthquake safety training Will help keep everyone calm during an earthquake.

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