Office Safety Posters

Safety in the office should always be a top priority. All employees should know and follow safety guidelines when necessary. A way to remind workers of the rules is the use of Office safety posters. Your employees will see the posters ever day and be reminded of how to prevent injuries in the workplace.Office safety posters can be funny or serious as long as they are informative and get a point across that is relevant to the workplace.

OSHA Office Safety Posters

OSHA which stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the leading federal agency in workplace safety. The guidelines set by OSHA are to be followed at all workplaces. Keeping a poster of the OSHA safety regulations and guidelines is usually required by law. These posters should be placed in an area such as the break room which all employees visit at least once a day and should be placed in a spot that is easily accessible and viewable.

Funny Office Safety Posters

It may seem odd but humor is a great way to get people to remember safety rules.Safety posters that show you what your not suppose to do may seem counter productive but are actually a great way to teach safety. An employee will think about the poster on remember that they are performing the act wrong and may injury themselves. Often funny safety posters have little sayings or rhymes that are catchy and fun to repeat. Many of your employees won't even realize they learned about safety till they are performing the task and reciting the quote to themselves. You can purchase safety posters with famous well known cartoon characters on them to make people more inclined to look at the poster. The most famous cartoon safety posters would be The Simpsons. One of the main characters Homer is known for being clumsy and making mistakes at work.

You can purchase an Office safety poster for practically anything related to workplace safety. Posters about proper health and hygiene will help keep the office free of diseases and other germs. Even a poster about washing your hands can be helpful in prevent the spread of germs from one employee to the next. Equipment safety is also a great topic for safety posters in the office. The proper use of the equipment should be posted as close to it as possible so it is visible to anyone using the machinery. Have first aid safety posters hanging near all first aid kits or eye wash stations. You can place posters with instruction on CPR and the Heimlich maneuver in break rooms or any place employees are likely to be eating. As I said before there are thousands of topics that can be covered with office safety posters. You can find them online and purchase posters that are relevant to you safety needs. There is no wrong way to teach safety to your employees but posters are usually just a great aid in reminding employees about safety not teaching them. You should still have monthly or weekly safety meetings to address any questions people may have.

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