Safety Games For The Office

Safety games for the office are a funny and useful way to get people thinking safety. While Safety is no laughing matter and should be taken seriously at all times while working but there is no reason learning to be safe can't be fun. Do you remember that song your teacher taught you in grade school? Of course you do, why because you had fun learning it and continue to sing it to this day. Safety games for the office are basically the same thing. Make it feel like fun instead of work and everyone is more likely to remember what they learned.

BINGO Safety Games

BINGO is a great safety game for the office. Almost everyone knows how to play and if not the rules are simple enough to teach in a short period of time. You can make your own Office Safety BINGO cards or you can purchase them at several sites online. This game should be played during a safety meeting. It can be played two ways the classic way which is someone picks out balls with numbers. Although for office safety games it would safety phrase such a B-careful when lifting and so on. Another way you can work the game into the meeting is whenever a phrase on the card is said out loud it can be checked off. You can offer a small prize to the win something like a free coffee coupon.

Other Safety Games For The Office

You can set up the conference room like a game show studio and split the employees into two teams. You are the "host" of the game show and the teams answer safety trivia. A great game to copy is Wheel of Fortune or hangman. Have the teams try and figure out which safety tip you have written on the board. each team gets a certain amount of time and guess before it is the other teams turn to guess. You can also do charades where you perform unsafe acts and the teams have to guess what it is and how to prevent them.

Computer Safety Games For The Office

Almost all offices have computers in them so why not use them to teach office safety. There are many safety games for the office that can be purchased. The best one by far is Office Safety Jeopardy. It covers most of the basic safety topics. It is just much like the other games mentioned where you break up into teams and work together. The set up is much easier all you do is pop the CD into the computer and load the game. While Jeopardy is the best I have seen it is not the only one available. You can find hundreds of computer based safety games for the office. There is sure to be one that covers your specific safety needs.

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