Workplace Safety Topics

Workplace Safety Topics are something that every employer needs. Every type of business has many different types of hazards that exist in and around the workplace. Depending on the type of business that you own, this should help you determine the type of Workplace Safety Topics that you should use. Maybe you are thinking I own an office, and there isnít really any kind of safety issues dealing with offices. This is simply not true. Many safety issues exist within offices too, like fire hazards, slips, trips, and falls, and many other safety hazards. If you have been stumped on workplace safety topics here are some ideas to get you started.

Workplace Safety Hazard Topics

In every type of workplace hazards exist. Knowing the different types of hazards that exist around your workplace can help to eliminate accidents. Take some time and walk around your business. Make an in depth list of different hazards that exist. Sit down with your employees and go over this list. Explain what the different hazards are and the ways to help eliminate these hazards. Before the meeting is over quiz your staff and make sure they are absorbing the information. Constant retraining on workplace hazards will guarantee your staff knows and understands all the hazards that exist.

Workplace Safety Topic Emergency Evacuation

Sometimes emergencies take place within the workplace. That is why it is so important to have an emergency evacuation plan. Make sure your staff knows where all emergency exits are located. Have certain employees use certain exits, in order to not cause overcrowding when an emergency does take place. Have a set place outside where all your employees can meet up and be account for. Pick a spot that is a decent distance from the building.

Fire Extinguisher Workplace Safety Topic

Training your staff on the proper use of a fire extinguisher is a must. As much as we all donít like to think about it, fires occur and thatís why proper training is necessary. Make sure that all your employees know where all the fire extinguishers and fire alarms are located. Have a safety meeting and teach all your staff on the proper use of a fire extinguisher. Show them how to use a fire extinguisher, then give each employee some hands on experience and let them show you how it works.

Drug Free Workplace Safety Topic

Your business should have a strict policy on drugs. A drug free work place is a must. The chances of an accident happening greatly increase, if a person is under the influence of drugs. Have an in depth training course on drugs in the workplace. In state a zero tolerance policy. Make sure your employees are fully aware of all the consequences that will be brought upon them if they are caught under the influence or if they are caught with drugs on them. Drug test your employees. This is a sure fire way to make sure people are not using drugs while they are working for you.

Workplace Safety Topic Stress Management

All jobs come with a certain amount of stress. Having your employees learn how to handle stress will greatly increase their productivity. Have a safety meeting on stress relief. Explain to your employees the different types of stress and the different ways to manage them. Encourage your staff to join a gym or take up yoga lessons. Offer a discount gym program for all your employees who would like to join.

Workplace Violence Safety Topic

Every year many cases of workplace violence takes place. Have a safety meeting and explain how workplace violence will never be tolerated and will be immediate grounds for dismissal. In the meeting encourage your employees to come to you and talk to you, if workplace violence has happen or is happening to them. Always let your employees know that your door is always open. Teach your staff how to handle workplace violence situations that could arise, not only dealing with other employees but people outside of the workplace.

Workplace safety is never a joke. Many people are hurt and even killed while at work. That is why having a workplace safety program is a must for every type of business. Coming up with new Workplace Safety Topics for every meeting, can be hard work within its self, but donít be discouraged. With a little effort you are sure to find many topics that are suited to you specific business. One of the best places to check for Workplace Safety Topics is the OSHA website. They have a wealth of information on many different safety topics, along with all the OSHA regulations and standards.


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