Office Safety Quotes

Preventing accidents at work can be easy as long as everyone is doing their part to work safely. You can promote safe thinking in the office by posting safety quotes for all employees to read. If you hang a few signs in the break room which is a place everyone stops in at sometime during the day you might get people discussing what they read. You could even have a weekly safety meeting and go over some catchy safety phrases. You might even hear people around the office start making up their own safety quotes. You should encourage this by making a box for new safety quotes and offer a small prize or other incentives to the employee whose phrase is picked that week.

Safety Quotes

In order to get more people thinking safety you can make up little certificates and give them out to all employees that have gone so many days without a work related injury. This shows those that do follow the rules that you notice and appreciate them. It also gives others something to work towards.

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