Osha Regulations For Eye Wash Stations

Osha is known for its workplace safety guidelines all over the country. The Osha regulations for Eye Wash stations is just one of the many safety topics they cover. Eye safety in the work place is very important. There is no way to replace a lost eye and even repairing damage can be impossible depending on the severity of the injury. It is best just to follow Osha's eye safety rules and regulations for eye wash stations than to risk losing an eye.

Osha regulation 1910.151 says anywhere the risk of corrosive materials becoming lodge in the eye might exist there must also be an eye wash station. It must be suitable for flushing the eye with water and be in the immediate area. All eye wash stations are to be keep clean and in working condition. They must be free of debris in them as well as on the floor around them so a tripping hazard can be avoided. For an eye wash station to meet Osha standards it must meet the following guidelines.

Osha's regulations for eye wash stations also includes shower stations. They are mainly used in areas where toxic chemicals may come in contact with skin. If a person spills a chemical on themselves they are suppose to jump into the shower station and scrub there body as the water pressure helps to remove any chemicals on the skin. The main thing to remember is how important following the safety rules are to your personal health. It is better to take five extra minutes to complete a task than to lose an eye or your life.

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