Employee Safety

Safety in the office is an employers top priority. While it is every persons job to work safely it cannot be accomplished without a boss to promotes and encourage it. Leading by example is a great way to get your employees working without injury. If a hard hat is required in certain areas be sure to wear one, many people think since they are in charge the rules don't apply to them. By you not following the safety precautions other feel they to can also get away with it. Many times after an injury you hear "but he didn't follow the rules. I just did what i saw him do yesterday".

Employee safety in the office can feel like it's hard to accomplish but if everyone works together it is much easier than you would think. It may seem like an overwhelming task if you employee a lot of people. One way to help is by designating a few top employees as Safety Leaders. As a Safety Leader they would be in charge of checking in on other workers,quizzing them about safety,and making sure Office safety Procedures are being followed. While you can't expect the Leaders to do everything it is nice to have help. If they run into serious problems they should know that coming to you for help is fine and expected.

Safety Meetings

Daily,weekly or monthly meetings about employee safety in the office can be very beneficial.You can go over what is expect of all employees. If there are an special machines required you can show the proper way to use them safely to prevent injuries. Be sure to go over all Safety procedures and make sure if there are questions you answer them as best you can. Safety in the office starts with having the correct knowledge. How can you be sure your being safe if you don't know what is unsafe.

Employee Safety Gear

having the correct safety gear is an important part of employee safety. If you don't have the proper equipment it doesn't matter how safe people are being someone is sure to get hurt. You should supply everything your employees need to work in a safe environment. Have a meeting to discuss proper use of all equipment or safety gear. Safety in the office should always be the most important issue. Even if it means being slightly less productive being behind a little is better than being injured or dead.

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